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Marunouchi area: Popular restaurants sell everyone’s faborite, irresistible dishes. The marche offers fresh Tokyo-made vegetables, fruit, milk, and eggs.

Yurakucho area: Sales of sake from regions across Japan (by the cup), local accompaniments like innards stew and whitebait over rice, and specialties from regions afflicted by earthquake and the Tama area and islands of Tokyo.

Hibiya area: Famous restaurants sell curry and dishes grilled on a hot plate, plus light meals like pizza and sandwich wraps. Special screenings and live performances in a tie-up with the Tokyo International Film Festival (free of charge).

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Basic information


Marunouchi 1-chome / 2-chome,


Venues: <Marunouchi area>Marunouchi Naka-dori street, Gyoko-dori street<Yurakucho area>Tokyo International Forum<Hibiya area>Hibiya Park

Contact information

Name:Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Taste of Tokyo 2017 Executive Committee.

Telephone number:03-5320-4818

Website:Taste of Tokyo (JPN) (External link)


Early October 2018


By train:
<Marunouchi area>3-min. walk from JR Tokyo station
<Yurakucho area>1-min. walk from JR/subway Yurakucho station
<Hibiya area> directly from subway Kasumigaseki station/ Hibiya station

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