Shibuya109 SHIBUYA109

Embrace Tokyo's "gyaru" subculture at the Shibuya109 shopping mall

Step into the iconic Shibuya109 mall, located on one corner of the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, and you will surely be greeted by enthusiastic welcome calls of "irrashaimase." Since it opened in 1979, the mall has grown to gain almost a cult following as the epicenter of Tokyo's "gyaru" subculture.

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  • Shopping cute, unusual and uniquely Japanese girly fashion
  • Seeing what is at the forefront of Shibuya's cutting-edge trends

There are about 120 shops over 10 floors in Shibuya109, a kitschy tube-shaped building that has become a sanctuary for young women looking to buy anything from shoes, clothes, costumes, accessories and beauty products.

The mall has come to symbolize Shibuya's leading cutting-edge trends ever since the "gyaru" subculture was popularized by young girls with dyed blond hair, fake tans, miniskirts and outlandish makeup. Today, the mall remains popular among Japanese and foreign celebrities.