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Dates:Nov 26, 2016 - Jan 28, 2017

Location: Mitsui Memorial Museum

Special Exhibition The Traditional Performing Arts of Japan

Japan’s performance traditions have been passed down across the ages in a wide variety of fields. Th...

Updated: November 16, 2016

Dates:Jul 17, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Location: Watari-um The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art

10th Anniversary Retrospective of Nam June Paik

Known as the father of video art, Nam June Paik (1932-2006) was one of the giants of 20th-century ar...

Updated: November 8, 2016

Dates:Oct 15, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Location: Eisei-Bunko Museum

The World of Sengai: Come, see, smile! The Adorable Art of Sengai

Sengai Gibon (1750-1837) was a monk of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism, based at the temple Shofuk...

Updated: November 25, 2016

Dates:Nov 15, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Location: National Film Center

Postwar German Posters for Films

After World War II, Germany was divided into two nations until reunification in 1990. During the Col...

Updated: November 16, 2016

Dates:Nov 19, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Location: Setagaya Art Museum

The Setagaya Art Museum's 30th Anniversary Exhibition:Five Stories from the Collection

Setagaya Art Museum opened inside Kinuta Park on March 30th, 1986, with an exhibition dedicated to t...

Updated: November 25, 2016

Dates:Nov 23, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Location: Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum

The Exhibition of the Sengoku Period - A Century of Dreams -

The Sengoku (“warring states”) period (1454-1573) has long been seen as an age of great turmoil due ...

Updated: November 16, 2016

Dates:Dec 10, 2016 - Feb 5, 2017

Location: The National Art Center, Tokyo

19th DOMANI:The Art of Tomorrow

In order to cultivate artists as future leaders of the art world in Japan, the Agency for Cultural A...

Updated: January 16, 2017

Dates:Dec 10, 2016 - Feb 5, 2017

Location: Yamatane Museum of Art

The Best of the Yamatane Collection 3 Definitive Nihonga Masterpieces: The Kyoto Art World ― 19th Century to Contemporary Paintings ―

To commemorate 50 years since it opened, Yamatane Museum of Art has selected some of the best exampl...

Updated: January 17, 2017

Dates:Jan 8, 2017 - Feb 5, 2017

Location: Idemitsu Museum of Arts

50th Anniversary Exhibition: Iwasa Matabei and Genji-e—Challenging the Classics

Iwasa Matabei (1578-1650) was a painter active in the Momoyama (1573-1603) and Edo periods (1603-186...

Updated: January 18, 2017

Dates:Nov 19, 2016 - Feb 12, 2017

Location: Nerima Art Museum

The Awazu Norio Collection: Past the "Thinking Eye"

Throughout his career, the critic Norio Awazu (b. 1927) has displayed an intimate knowledge of Frenc...

Updated: December 1, 2016

Dates:Nov 22, 2016 - Feb 12, 2017

Location: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

EI-Q 1935-1937: Seeking the “Real” in the Dark

The artist Ei-Q (Hideo Sugita, 1911-1960) made a stunning entrance into the art scene with “Nemuri n...

Updated: January 16, 2017

Dates:Dec 6, 2016 - Feb 12, 2017

Location: Musée Hamaguchi Yozo : Yamasa Collection

Winter Exhibition Yozo Hamaguchi - Curtain of Colors, with the Works of Yuji Hamada and Sawako Ura

Settling in Paris after the war and starting his career as a copperplate engraver, the artist Yozo H...

Updated: January 16, 2017